The Company “Buchachagrokhlibprom” is one of the leading seed producers. The Company sells the best products on the seed market and has a strong material and technical base in its possession.

Today, the Company leases 26 000 hectares of land in one area in three districts of Ternopil Region. “Buchachagrokhlibprom” grows grain, oil and industrial crops in this territory. Another area of activity of the Company is Livestock breeding:

1. The number of cattle is more than 9000, including 3700 dairy cows.

2. Milk yield per 1 cow – 10050 kg

3. Calf crop per 100 cows – 85 animals 4. Daily gain of calves – 910 grams

5. 105 tons of extra-class milk is sold daily 6. 90% of all extra-class milk in the region

Plant growing:

1. The Company cultivates 26 000 hectares of land

2. “Buchachagrokhlibprom” grows grain, industrial, fodder crops.

Elevator: Elevator capacity – 95 000 tons of grain per year Transport units with a capacity – 4 000 tons per day

UAH 90.9 million of rent was accrued in 2020, Paid to unit holders – UAH 73.2 million In total, in 2020, the Company transferred to the budgets of all levels – UAH 179.8 million

The number of employees in 2020 – 920 people. The average monthly salary – UAH 15572 In 2020, the accrued salary amounted to – UAH 170 million In 2020, the investment indicator amounted to – UAH 324.9 million

This year “Buchachagrokhlibprom” is modernizing all three dairy and livestock complexes in the villages of Pyliava, Sokoliv and Osivtsi, with an estimated cost of over UAH 570 million, in particular, it is building two modern milking parlors with equipment “Carousel”, four new cowsheds for more than 2 000 dairy cows.